The Benefits of Cushions


The Benefits of Cushions

Modern life is exhausting.  From keeping up with family and friends to putting in the hours at work and balancing our finances, we barely get time to catch our breath!  So it’s little wonder that more and more of us are suffering from stress-related illnesses and finding it hard to relax.

Each of us combats stress and the perils of modern life in different ways, from spending time with friends, listening to music and reading a good book, to watching TV, working hard at the gym and enjoying the occasional pint or two (or just a good cup of tea!), we choose our own ways to unwind

Blood flow is also restricted in your pelvis, legs, and back due to the compression of the typical seats. This indicates that your tissues and muscles aren’t getting enough oxygen and are having trouble getting rid of metabolic waste. This exhausts you and produces pain. It also causes your heart to work harder to circulate your blood, compromising your cardiovascular health.

You might sit in a less-than-ideal position for eight or more hours a day in a normal office chair. As a result, you’re more likely to develop various health problems over time, including back and hip pain. While mild discomfort may be bearable, the consequences of poor posture can be far more serious. For example, you might have problems with your memory, circulation, digestion, and so on.


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